Product Line Description

The origin of youth is enclosed in a noble and legendary element: Gold, a sought-after icon of perfection and purity that has always celebrated elegance and charm. Dibi Milano enhances the golden virtues in a precious treasure chest:

THE GOLD, a jewel that pays homage to the luxury of being a woman. A line that captures and enhances your individuality, inner confidence and positive energy: because Eternal Beauty has no age. The quintessence of the Dibi Milano cosmetic art is revealed in formulations that result from a laboratory study with over a year of testing.
The multi-corrective line with noble active ingredients and real promises:

– YOUTH. Cellular activity and the production of collagen and proteoglycans are stimulated, counteracting and reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

– REBIRTH. The metabolism and condition of the skin are strengthened for a smoother, more nourished and even-looking appearance.

– VITALITY. The skin is firmer, purer and glowing.


All skin types and all ages. Suitable for dull, tired and drained skin that needs to be reactivated and regenerated. For a radiant, relieved and revitalized appearance.


BIOCONJUGATED GOLD A complex composed of Gold and Peptide No. 9. Gold plays the role of carrier, transporting the Peptide No. 9 to the deepest layers of the skin, keeping it stable and bioavailable, and optimizing its biodistribution. The complex acts on the collagen and proteoglycan synthesis, making the tissue firmer and plumper. It has regenerating properties as it acts on different types of collagen, giving thickness and redensifying the tissue.

PURE GOLD Gold (Au) is a chemical element with atomic number 79. In its native state, it is found in the form of nuggets, grains and flecks present in rocks and alluvial deposits. Its use in cosmetics is connected to the new increasingly-advanced technologies, which allow the Gold to be utilized and treated, being valuable for our skin due to its nature and its properties. Mechanical properties: a ductile and malleable metal, it can be processed in very thin sheets which, when applied to the skin, enrich it and brighten it.

PEPTIDE NO.34 Stimulates the coenzyme Q10 production. Its anti-oxidant power provides protection and repair to skin cells.


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