Product Line Description

The first Dibi Milano line of dermobiotics, scientifically formulated for the regeneration and recoding of the reticular dermis. 3 active ingredients, 6 actions and 5 results: advanced scientific formulas, a targeted solution for all naturally delicate and sensitised skin, caused by age or by aesthetic medicine treatments.


For retexturized, smoother and firmer skin, free from harmful toxins and more resistant to external aggression. Treatment suitable for application pre and post aesthetic medicine intervention.


PRE-DIBIOTIC A powerful prebiotic, selective nutrient for the skin, that acts as a skin restorer, promoting resistance to external aggression.

MATRIKINES The peptides of youth, cellular messengers that stimulate the production of collagen and help to repair damaged skin.

VITAMIN C Recognised anti-ageing and antioxidant active ingredient that also serves to regulate the production of melanin, the cause of skin spots.

PLANT OILS Softening and nourishing.

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