Product Line Description

The 1st universal youth-enhancing treatment by DIBI MILANO inspired by epigenetics, the science of genes. The cosmetic line that restructures the damage caused by hormonal and skin ageing, by smoothing lines, minimizing expression lines and deep wrinkles, and strengthening the structure of the skin. The advanced cosmetic tool capable of fighting the signs of ageing generated by modern day stress, such as jet lag.


For skin which is more supple, firm and even-looking, with wrinkles and dark circles minimized.


GSH-EPIGENOL COMPLEX A complex of active ingredients that protects the biological and cellular principles of the skin and the structure of the extracellular matrix, promoting collagen synthesis and preserving the elastin fibers.

NOPAUSE COMPLEX A complex of vitamins, trace elements and isoflavones with antioxidant, youth-enhancing and remineralizing properties, to fight the damage caused by skin and hormonal aging.

YOUTH COMPLEX A complex of multi-functional active ingredients that work to fight the signs of aging generated by the three main mechanisms of skin aging: oxidation, glycation and inflammation.

PENTACHERAMIN An active ingredient composed of complex sugars, which optimizes the skin’s natural hydration process and has a plumping effect on the stratum corneum of the skin, forming a protective layer.

VEGETABLE OILS Soothing and nourishing action.

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