Product Line Description

DIBI MILANO explores the world of sensory cosmetics for the first time. A true philosophy, to rebalance and regain your inner SELF, creating a unique moment of psychophysical wellbeing. TIME OF RITUAL is here, to give value to the most precious thing you have: Your Time. To escape from the stress of your hectic everyday life. The Treatment Experience dedicated to the place where your soul lives: Your Body.


A welcoming treatment, suitable for reawakening the skin and senses, to cleanse, repair and relax. To make your skin soft, balanced and free from impurities, for a deep sensation of freshness, relief and youth.


SWISS PINE EXTRACT An active ingredient with noble origins. The Pinus Cembra tree, also known as the ‘King of the Alps’, is the symbol of strength and resistance to extreme climates, which can reach up to 1000 years of age. Its special properties make it a powerful wellness tool for improving sleep, optimizing vegetative regulation and balancing harmony, as well as carrying out a calming and toning action on the skin.

HEMP OIL Obtained by cold pressing the seeds of the Cannabis sativa. Rich in essential fatty acids with antioxidant properties.

ALOE EXTRACT Soothing and moisturizing action.

VITAMIN A Anti-age action.

VITAMIN E Antioxidant action.

HYALURONIC ACID An active ingredient which is able to bind a large number of water molecules, ensuring skin hydration.

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