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Dibi Milano technological innovation for your skin

The ultimate beauty solution

Dibi Milano offer the beauty solution where technological innovation, scientific research and experience come together to guarantee maximum effectiveness for a personalised skin treatment solution.

This exclusive skin diagnostic solution offers a comprehensive beauty project for face and body, targeted and selective based on your skin profile, characteristics and lifestyle.

With over 40 years’ experience at the leading edge of dermo-cosmetic research and
innovation, DIBI MILANO offers a full range of clinically-proven, cosmeceutical face and
body treatments, formulated according to its acclaimed seven star beauty method.
This results-driven DIBI MILANO range uses a synergy of active ingredients in every
formulation to ensure fast, safe and reliable results.


The Treatments

Introducing DIBI Milano the number 1 professional skincare brand in Italy, DIBI has been the beauty solution for over 40 Years.

DIBI Milano offers a full range of clinically-proven, cosmeceutical face and body treatments. The results-driven DIBI Milano range uses a synergy of active ingredients in every formulation to ensure fast, safe and reliable results.

An individually tailored, diagnostic approach is central and begins with a skin diagnosis using the MDB Analyser. This incredible analyser individually diagnoses each individuals skin concerns and identifies a pathway individual to you.

Results: Ultra active exfoliating concentrate using
a blend of Allantoin, Pyruvic Acid and Vitamin C,
that brightens and evens out the complexion.
Duration: 50 minutes – includes hand treatment

Results: This advanced treatment is formulated
with Pyruvic Acid, Retinol and Ferulic Acid to visibly
reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Duration: 50 minutes – includes hand treatment

Results: A combination of high performing
antioxidant ingredients, Phytic Acid and Resveratrol
protects the skin from external aggressions and
prevents the signs of skin ageing.
Duration: 50 minutes – includes hand

Treatment to rebalance and regain your inner self, reawakening the skin and senses. To cleanse, prepare and deeply relax – 30mins £40
A purifying and exfoliating treatment to completely cleanse the skin and eliminate impurities, revitalised cells and superficial imperfections to renew the skin and leave it more radiant – 30mins £45
Bringing immediate relief to sensitive skins. Products, repairs, nourishes and strengthens the skin’s natural defences. redness and prevents redness, leaving a calmer, more even complexion – 45mins £60

For oily and unbalanced skin. This treatment rebalances sebum production and refines the skin texture,. tightening the pores and leaving a mattified, even complexion – 45mins £50

For acne-prone skin, an intense anti-imperfection purifying effect. The complex of active ingredients deeply cleanses oily/impure skin and rebalances the skin’s microbial flora, preventing new blemishes from forming, leaving the skin smoother and more even – 45mins £50

A deep moisturising treatment to completely revitalise the skin by providing it with the correct quantity of hyaluronic acid and collagen. leaving the skin perfectly moisturised, nourished and younger looking skin -60mins £90

A treatment to moisturise and stimulate the hydration mechanisms and re-establish the proper water reserves and nourishment in the skin tissues. Leaving a fresh, hydrated complexion – 45mins £65

A treatment to accelerate recovery and skin regeneration, significantly improving the textures of the skin. For highly sensitised skins, following cosmetic procedures to repair, or prior, to prepare. for stronger flawless skin  – 45mins £95
A young enhancing treatment inspired by genes. Working in the heart of the cell, restructuring damage caused by hormonal and skin ageing. smoothing lines and minimising expression lines and deep wrinkles whilst strengthening the structure of the skin – 60mins £95

A mixture of active ingredients enriched in pearls for an intense action on wrinkles. Working on the 3 dimensions of length, width and depth. An alternative to fillers and botox – 60mins £95

A treatment that outperformed plastic surgery results in clinical trials. Lifting the contours of the face correcting wrinkles and redensifying tissues. skin is renewed, replenished and smoothed – 60mins £95

A treatment to reduce pigmentation, even out skin tone, brighten the complexion and illuminate the skin. Full of collagen and hyaluronic acid to leave the skin smooth, flawless and hydrated – 60mins £95

A luxurious treatment enriched with the most precious beauty secret, 24ct Pure Gold gives your skin a natural radiance – 1hour £100

A wonderfully relaxing treatment to stimulate collagen production, giving an instant, visible, youthful skin. It tightens loose skin from the dry first treatment, reducing lines and wrinkles. This non invasive electrical facial is best taken as a course to give results that last up to two years. Radio frequency stimulates natural collagen production, whilst tightening existing collagen and stimulating cell turnover and drainage. An enjoyable, non invasive, relaxing treatment that gives outstanding results. during the treatment you will feel a pleasant warmth on the skin, afterwards the skin will look smoother, more toned, lifted, glowing and radiant. We can focus on areas of concern such as eyes, forehead and jowell’s, or full face. On the body we can focus on areas of cellulite and fatty deposits, giving an overall slimmer silhouette and smoother appearance to the skin. A course of treatments is required to gain the best results that last up to two years – 45mins £50

Micro current lifts the features, like a gym for the face! Toning the muscles to give a lifted, more youthful, toned appearance. A course is required to get the best results. With non invasive mesotherapy, we use electrical current to push active serums into the dermis to get truly remarkable results – 45mins £50

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