Product Line Description

The 1st professional cosmetic line by Dibi  Milano  to specifically treat combination and oily skin as well as impure skin which is prone to acne, in a targeted and differentiated way, because not all imperfections are the same.


Purified and mattified skin, with an even-looking complexion, pores minimized and skin texture refined. A face with a healthy appearance in just 10 weekdays.


PREVENTION – CELLULAR CAPITAL A complex multifunctional molecule that integrates the
natural defence mechanisms of epidermal stem cells through a cutting edge carrier that ensures the effectiveness of the active ingredient carried with.

PERFORMANCE OIL REMEDY COMPLEX A complex of active ingredients with a sebum-normalizing action, for mattified skin with minimized pores.

PERFORMANCE A.C.N. COMPLEX A complex of active ingredients with a purifying and soothing action. Regulates the growth of the microorganisms that cause blemishes, ensuring the correct balance of the skin’s microbial flora.

SALICYLIC ACID A powerful molecule recognized for its outstanding keratolytic and smoothing properties, that make it particularly suitable to effectively fight blemishes due to acne. Its known bacteriostatic properties also act by purifying the epidermis and giving the skin an even- looking, smooth and radiant appearance.

ALPHA BISABOLOL, ALOE VERA, ALLANTOIN AND COTTONSEED OIL Active ingredients which are highly recognized for their soothing properties, helping the process of reducing redness in the inflamed epidermis; they bring a feeling of relief and comfort to impure skin.

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