Product Line Description

A cosmetic treatment that guarantees an optimal balance of moisture and nourishment in the skin, in all levels and in different climatic conditions.


For a fresh, radiant and vital face. It protects skin from water loss, it nourishes and gives it extreme vitality. Also developed for eye contour.


PREVENTION – CELLULAR CAPITAL A complex multi-functional molecule composed of an innovative peptide that protects the environment of epidermal mother cells, delivered by a cutting edge carrier that guarantees its effectiveness.

PERFORMANCE – HYDRA COMPLEX Complex with moisturizing and refreshing properties capable of naturally fighting skin dryness. To revitalize skin and re-establish its correct hydro-lipidic film.

HYALURONIC ACID Intervenes in the regulation of the degree of hydration of the skin tissue thanks to its particular ability to bind a large number of water molecules.

GLYCOSAMINOGLYCANS Active ingredient of marine origin specifically for the eye contour. Capable of combating or reducing the colour of dark circles under the eyes.

CAFFEINE Active ingredient with a noted capacity to drain and eliminate stagnating liquids and toxins.

NMF e SQUALENE Natural moisturizing factors that keep the skin surface intact, supple and protected, with the right amount of hydration.

SHEA BUTTER, ALOE VERA EXTRACT, UREA and SWEET ALMOND OIL Moisturizing, nourishing, softening and elasticizing active ingredients.

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