Dibi Gold

The origin of youth is enclosed in a noble and legendary element: Gold,
a sought-after icon of perfection and purity that has always celebrated
elegance and charm. DIBI MILANO enhances the golden virtues in a precious treasure chest:

THE GOLD, a jewel that pays homage to the luxury of being a woman. A
line that captures and enhances your individuality, inner confidence and
positive energy: because Eternal Beauty has no age.

The quintessence of the DIBI MILANO cosmetic art is revealed in
formulations that result from a laboratory study with over a year of testing.

The multi-corrective line with noble active ingredients and real

– YOUTH. Cellular activity and the production of collagen and proteoglycans are stimulated, counteracting and reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

– REBIRTH. The metabolism and condition of the skin are strengthened
for a smoother, more nourished and even-looking appearance.

– VITALITY. The skin is firmer, purer and glowing.

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