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Radara rejuvenating eye serum


Radara offers a new and simple, yet highly effective way to restore radiance and hydration whenever you need to

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A deeper level of care

Radara is the UK’s first and only patented micro-channelling skin rejuvenation system for lateral canthal lines and under eye lines. It is painless, quick and easy, and offers long-lasting, natural results.
• Radara employs purpose-designed patches covered with microscopic structures (less than 0.5um wide) which create virtually invisible, pain-free micro-channels in the skin when applied.

• These micro-channels allow the skin to effectively absorb the specially formulated HA serum.

• The creation of micro-channels encourages new collagen production in the treated area, while deep absorption of the serum gives the skin around the eyes a plumper, firmer appearance.

Deeply rejuvenating results.

• Unique micro-channelling technology encourages new collagen production and deeper penetration of HA serum.
• A difference is usually visible within 7 days1 and at 4 weeks, lines and wrinkles are reduced by ~35%.
• Skin quality boosted by restored elasticity, hydration and support for a radiant, refreshed and luminous appearance.
• Clinical tests showed that improvements in skin quality and wrinkle reduction continued for at least a further 8 weeks following application 1.

A deeper level of rejuvenation
• Because skin serves as a natural protective barrier, creams and serums that we apply to the skin’s surface generally don’t penetrate deeply.
• Radara is unique: the patches it uses are designed to painlessly create micro-channels in the skin when applied.
• This means that when the HA serum is applied via the patches, it travels deep below the surface of the skin.
• HA is nature’s plumping and hydration molecule, restoring elasticity and hydration for a smoother, firmer appearance.
• Fine lines are reduced without discomfort, redness or downtime.


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