Dibi Defence Solution Soothing anti-redness cream 50ML


Protective cream with soothing and anti-redness properties and sunscreen.

Shock treatment in the form of a soothing cream that targets redness. Soothes, corrects, and neutralises both temporary and persistent red areas. Nourishes, protects, and restores comfort and relief to the skin, both immediately and in the long term. The skin is nourishes, soothed, and protected. With sunscreen. Fragrance free


Niosomes are carriers that allow the main active ingredients to better penetrate the skin: technologically developed from liposomes, they are similar in structure but more stable. They can change shape to better penetrate the epidermis, then return to their original form to release the active ingredients they carry. The niosome used in DIBI MILANO DEFENCE SOLUTION contains three active ingredients: Garcinia Mangostana fruit extract, for its soothing effects. Protects the skin and counteracts inflammation. Magnolia extract, for its antioxidant properties Used in Chinese medicine to defend against stress and neutralise free radicals.  Fermented yeast extract, which is high in zinc and promotes cellular regeneration. The complex is a natural solution for reinforcing the skin barrier and mitigate the skin’s excessive reactions to external stimuli.


A concentrated mix of different types of ceramides, cholesterol, free fatty acids, and phytosphingosine, which hydrates and protects the skin.


Hydrating and smoothing


Hydrating and smoothing




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